Bulldog Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day shirt

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Don’t knock it before Bulldog Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day shirtyou try it. Just try on and wear a pair of panties for a day or two. Be honest with yourself. Most likely you will like theThere are guy looking styles and guy colors to choose from. Whether it is right or wrong for you is up to you and you alone. You make that choice for yourself and as long as you don’t force others to conform to your choice(s), you will be making the right one for you. From what I have seen on the internet, wearing woman’s panties are the preferred choice of an estimated 9 million American men (and growing). Several anonymous online polls demonstrate this overwhelming number.

Bulldog Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Unisex Black
Unisex Black

Sweatshirt Black
Sweatshirt Black

Longsleeve Black
Longsleeve Black

Ladie Tee Black
Ladie Tee Black

Hoodie Black
Hoodie Black

We worked with Kingtees Bulldog Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day shirt to create an in-depth printing resource that will greatly benefit the industry. Meet The Winner Lainey Wilson shirt All the fabrics both solids and heathers that we tested performed extremely well, most had virtually no dye migration and we also found great discharge results, said Rick Roth from Ink Kitchen. In order to make this super comprehensible, we created a Printing Recommendations page to break down these results based on his tests. We had every color of our top-selling fabrications tested with four types of inks. For this test, Rick Roth, printing Guru and founder of The Ink Kitchen, applied three plastisol inks, cotton white ink, 50/50 white ink, and polyester white ink to the fabrics as well as a discharge base. We used white so we could accurately detect any dye migration. For the plastisol inks, he selected the highest performing ink as the recommendation for printing. For the discharge ink, he graded the performance of the discharge on a A, B, C, N/A Too Light, Unique Effect grade scale, with A being the highest performing. Before we dive any deeper, we want to remind you that the results and recommendations below should only be used as a starting point. You should ALWAYS do your own testing, as there are so many variables when screen printing.


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