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I am a big horror movie fan George Costanza shirt . The first one that I remember is Alien. Maybe because it was the first one to really plant fear in me. I’m sure I’m not the only one. The cult classic was the best of its kind and the ’79 movie is still nerve wrecking after all this time. The director (Ridley Scott), the amazing performance of Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), the creator of the alien (HR Giger), are the first names that come to mind, the ones that defined the horror genre. It defined what mean to be scared and admire such feeling while watching a movie. I remember the following two movies but nothing from the other sequels (from “Alien Resurrection” forward) , which means they weren’t up to expectations. I was quite disappointed and felt that it altered the legacy of the first movie.

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So, I was skeptical about Prometheus, but I embraced the perspective of a prequel to the Ripley story George Costanza shirt . I also enjoyed it thanks to director Ridley Scott. The engineers and the origin of the xenomorph are intriguing, a real challenge to put forward for the Alien fans. At times I felt it missed the mark, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The latest movie, Alien: Covenant was entertaining. I loved the inclusion of xenomorhp’s point of view, the disturbing scenery of the “lost paradise” and the theme of creation.In honor of the great Alien universe I wanted to round up a few t-shirt designs that pay tribute, poke fun at or reinterpret the story and characters. Here are my favorite pop cultureA little change of style. Graphic t-shirts with funny sunbathing corn and a skull made out of kittens are cool, but what about our long lost love, the typography style prints?One of the new bundles available on the Tshirt Factory site came just in time to rekindle that flame. The typography and/or text based t-shirt print is one of the most popular graphics for all ages and occasions. And when it is presented in such a nice way as Valentin does with his templates, I don’t think you can say no to any of them.The prints are motivational phrases, adorned with heavy flourishes and swirls or graphics to highlight the idea behind each thought. They may sound cliché but you know the load they carry. They ring true for all of us!
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3 reviews for George Costanza shirt

  1. shan nowak

    I have to say this that this shirt fits me perfectly! And the best part is the Arms are not to tight . It’s also feels soft and the length is perfect I’m very impressed and glad I purchased it from this manufacturer.

  2. Jennifer Mendez

    Very comfortable, soft, high quality. Color drab but otherwise a great shirt

  3. Kane Chamberlain

    I bought two different colors and sizes of this shirt…the first one I picked and read the description, 100% cotton like I wanted. Then I simply picked another color and size and ordered it…turns out the other color and size is NOT 100% cotton, it’s 60/40. Not really an issue with the shirt, but kind of misleading a bit as you expect the same shirt in a different color/size to be the same shirt

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