Nebraska Huskers Herbie Football Mascot 1974 2023 shirt

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Nebraska Huskers Herbie Football Mascot 1974 2023 shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Unisex Black
Unisex Black

Sweatshirt Black
Sweatshirt Black

Longsleeve Black
Longsleeve Black

Ladie Tee Black
Ladie Tee Black

Hoodie Black
Hoodie Black

The next day we called our Nebraska Huskers Herbie Football Mascot 1974 2023 shirt families to share our engagement news, and all hell broke loose. My mother, the queen of all narcissists, immediately started grilling me for wedding details: When? Where? How many bridesmaids? What color linens? Was I going to make sure my future mother-in-law wore a different color dress than hers at the wedding? She then went on to tell me how successful she was in spite of it all and told me that she had a 4.0 average in college. She talked about other great things about herself. It was allotted to take in right out of the box from someone I never met. They have been told by their trusted leaders and opinionators that single-payer means socialism and that we will end up like Venezuela. These leaders and opinionators use lies, damned lies, cherry-picked statistics, and apocryphal stories to tell their followers it’s a horror show in all these other countries. Except that the torch the plumber used for the soldering ended up setting the insulation on fire between the walls.


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